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Ms. Fit Bra ExpertMy mom, Brenda, hated her breasts. She even wore a T-shirt that said “objects behind this shirt are larger than they appear.” As a young girl, I used to play with her fake inserts and hope I wouldn’t grow up to be “flat chested” like her.

When I was 10, she had a breast augmentation and almost died. The implant ruptured and my mom began hemorrhaging inside. After her second surgery, one implant slid through the muscle and she was left with a mountain of silicone beneath her clavicle. It took several more surgeries to correct them.

My mom’s struggle shaped my belief in the importance of loving yourself. It is why I love bra fitting. The right bra can boost a woman’s confidence and change her life. I am not an opponent of surgery. I am an advocate of breast health, in educating women about their bodies, and accepting their unique shape.

Today I have successfully fit over 22,000 women. I have fit women of every size, from petite to full figure, full bust women, women with augmented breasts, and breast cancer survivors. I have seen everything. Maybe you know what you want. Maybe you don’t. Either way I can help you find a fit that works. I am knowledgeable of 90 designers and able to match a woman’s wishes with the style that best accommodates her body. Each woman has a unique shape. Sometimes she just needs a little support.



One Response to “Meet Ms. Fit”
  1. thatbiggal says:

    Great site. I have big breasts that have gotten larger as I’ve gained weight. I’ve never known what my right bra size is. Frankly, I’m a little afraid to find out because I’ve noticed that nice bras for women that are over a DDD are really, super-duper expensive. I’ve seen these bras retail for over $75-! I wear the same bra style all the time. I have no idea if it’s the right size, but it feels really comfy. So, I have about 20 in different colors. I just posted on my blog about bras for big gals. Would love to hear your advice/comments.

    ~That Big Gal

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