Tom and Avero

Marie Jo Tom and Avero

Meet Tom and Avero. Combining style and function, they’re a quintessential t-shirt bra. Both are known for their high quality construction, versatility, and acclaimed fit.

The Tom and Avero fit are ideal for rounded breast shapes that aren’t deep. If you find you have trouble filling out cups but need the width of a larger cup to avoid underwires from sitting on breast tissue, you’ve just found the perfect mates. As a bonus, the versatile straps can be worn over the shoulders or halter style. I recommend both bras for petite to average frames and, although they go up to an F cup, they’re best suited for cups between an A to a shallow E.

So what’s the difference? Tom is soft to the touch, has a slightly more relaxed back band, and embraces a minimalist style. Avero combines a firm fit to offer optimal support and a graphic motif with floral straps for a romantic feminine style.

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Marie Jo LaVenture Tom Marie Jo Avero

5 Responses to “Tom and Avero”
  1. LFFL says:

    I love them! So pretty.

    • lovemsfit says:

      So glad you think they are pretty, I do too! Apparently one Avero is sold every minute! How amazing is that?

      • LFFL says:

        I see why. They’re so pretty and I’m in need of a new one. Thanks for this. I’m now planning to buy one in the near future. I can’t tell if they’re padded/push up or not. I do like push up/padded bras, but these are so cute I’ll get them anyway I know.

      • lovemsfit says:

        These are not push-up styles. They are foam lined so that your “headlights” don’t show but no additional padding for enhancement. I’m always posting about bras so check back for push-up recommendations:)

      • LFFL says:

        Thanks for the info.

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