Even The T-Shirt Bra Can’t Do It All

Whit T-Shirt

“What attributes do you look for in a bra?”

It’s a question I ask every person that visits me for a fitting.

“Something smooth, that I can wear with everything,” is usually the answer while rubbing a hand over the breast area to simulate a seamless look. I always ask because I want to challenge this way of thinking—that one type of bra solves everything. A t-shirt bra isn’t called an Everything Bra and while it may suffice, you can certainly do your silhouette a big favor by choosing a different bra for other types of clothing.

Most people seek a fitting because they are dealing with uncomfortable, ill-fitting bras. Common complaints consist of gaping cups, slipping straps, a digging underwire, and an overall lack of support. Oftentimes the solution to their core problem is solved with a different kind of bra. For years they have lived with the same complaints yet they keep buying the same smooth, lightly lined style.

The problem with requesting “something smooth I can wear with everything” is that it does not exist. Different bras have different functions. It’s important to focus on not only a great fit for your body but also a great fit for your wardrobe.

Do you wear the same shoes with everything? Do you wear the same exact outfit every single day? If your answer is no to either one of these questions then it’s time you realize your bras are no different. Just like you can’t be expected to accomplish everything each day, your bra can’t be expected to do everything each day either. Cut your bras some slack and only give them a job they can actually do.

To learn more about different bra styles and their best use, watch my 6 Essential Bras video.

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