Lingerie Lessons

In my early 20s, before I saw the light (or perhaps I should say lift), I dated a man that gave me a gift card each Christmas to a lingerie store. I would take my gift card, brave the cold Iowa snow to heat my Mitsubishi, and drive 45 miles to the nearest store. I would pick out a smooth looking bra and buy the same style in two colors. One black, one nude, both a 34C. I would wear out both bras, rotating them till the next Christmas, when I would receive a new shiny card.

Looking back I’m a little embarrassed. I didn’t make a ton of money and I thought owning more than two bras was extravagant. I was more interested in spending the little I had on a new shirt or shoes that people could actually see, rather than a bra that my boyfriend would just take off anyway. I’m not considered full busted and, in my mind, bras offered one solution — nipple coverage.

As the relationship continued, it became clear we weren’t compatible.  During one of our final arguments, he asked, “Was it too much to ask for you to have at least one matching set? I give you the gift cards every year, hoping you’ll pick something other than black or nude.”

The destruction of our relationship was not because I lacked an intimate apparel collection, but it did spark a curiosity for lingerie that I possess to this day.  I grew a lingerie collection on a small budget and I realized the benefits of a good fit go beyond concealing my “headlights.” Owning the right foundations, even if you’re the only one to see them, is the secret to looking spectacular every day and night.

Building a bra wardrobe is easy and less expensive than one would think.  If you’ve never been properly fit before watch this video for tips to fitting yourself.  After all, you know your body much better than anyone else does.  Once you’ve established a proper fit and guide size, start building your collection.

Get inspired with these affordable sets

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