Do Flaws Make Healthy Impacts?

Recently a co-worker and I were in The Freshpair Fitting Room, chatting about our bodies. She was complaining about her new lower back bulge and her sudden inability to eat without considering the aftermath. I joined the ranks and admitted to a disdain towards my legs. I called them tree trunks. They’ve always been a part of my body I’ve struggled to love.

Following our conversation, I walked my tree trunks to the gym. I stepped on the treadmill, plugged my headphones in, turned the channel to a Seinfeld rerun, and ran. As I ran, I looked around at all the people. Some looked happy, some looked miserable, and others looked kind of like me — just putting in the time.

A few minutes in, I thought — perhaps my tree trunks actually make a healthy, positive impact on my life. I don’t make a habit of criticizing my legs. They don’t prevent me from feeling sexy. In fact, the reason I go to the gym is to prevent my legs from actually becoming something I hate. I love myself enough to want to take care of my body and provide it with the means and energy to stay happy, feel good, and function properly.

So really, in the end, I love my legs! I love that they move with ease and are free of pain. I love the way they look in my favorite heels, and I love the scar on my right knee because it reminds me of warm summer days at home on my parents farm. If feeling slightly dissatisfied about them encourages me to make healthy choices, then I say, “Thank you beautiful tree trunks.  Thank you!”

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