POW! Le Mystere Safari T-Shirt Bra

Le Mystere Safari T-Shirt Bra

09_16_POW_msfit_facebookContour bras (lined cups) are brilliant for taming the effects of cold weather. They let us lead meetings with our brains, not our busts, and offer a silhouette less like Jayne Mansfield and more like Jennifer Lawrence.  Both are beautiful but if Jennifer’s rounded shape is your style, then a contour cup is your “breast” friend.

As fantastic as the contour cup is, I often run into fit issues when trying it on a fuller bust. While certain “sensitive” areas are concealed, unwanted bulging tends to occur at the top of the cup. Then, if the cup is increased to accommodate the bulge, many will find gapping at the top. This happens because contour cups are so structured and even the firmest of breasts are still pliable. It’s like trying to fit something soft into something hard—the soft part is going to settle in or over once you start moving about your day. This makes a seamless, quadra-boob free look hard to attain if you need a fuller cup.

One contour option that I find reliable for answering all the needs of an average to fuller bust fit is the Safari T-shirt bra by Le Mystere.  The contour cup is quite deep (so you may need it one cup size smaller than normal) and somewhat flexible so it molds nicely to control breasts that tend to roam throughout the day.  The leotard back band is firm providing uplift, and the bridge is low enough to stay discrete under various necklines.  It’s a pretty T-shirt bra with a whole lot of brains!

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