Signs You’re in the Wrong Bra

Drawer of Bras

Every bra article emphasizes the fact that you are most likely in the wrong bra size.  Yieeeek!!!  It sounds like doom!

With sweaty palms and a supersonic heartbeat you wonder if you’re destined to live life with breasts that sit a few centimeters lower than the “braducated” women of the world.  What effects will it have on your overall well being?  And how do you know if you’re really are part of the majority failing to support their bust?

Signs you're in the wrong bra

I say “relax!” Pour yourself a glass of wine and consider what’s important to you.  Is there anything about your current bra that you would change? Have you ever caught yourself in the mirror and wished the edge of your bra was not so noticeable? Or maybe refused to acknowledge an unwanted bust bulge in hopes everyone else would refuse to notice it, too? You’re not alone.

Most women are wearing an ill-fitting bra and perfectly comfortable with keeping it that way. Cheers to those of you who want to make the change! I say flaunt on confident one!

 Symptoms you’re in an ill-fitting bra: 

  • Your straps constantly slip down your shoulders.
  • Underwires threaten your life.
  • The bra has been around since high school.
  • When you lean over your breasts hurdle over the top of the cup.
  • Your amazing push-up bra is so successful it pushes your nipple over the cup edge.
  • No matter how smooth your bra is, you still see the outline of your cup.
  • You believe there is no such thing as a cup large enough to tame your chest.
  • Wearing two bras is a must for limiting unwanted bouncing.
  • There are permanent divots on top of your shoulders.
  • The bridge of the bra floats away from your sternum.
  • Only one cup still has an underwire.
  • Your back band sits high on the back.
  • You can pull your back band away from your body more than a couple inches.
  • The bottom of your breast escapes out the bottom of your cup.
  • Filling out a cup seems physically impossible for you.
  • Side boob makes your arm pit look twice its actual size.
  • Your convertible bra is magical.  You leave the house with straps and reach the office one less.

If any of this relates to you, then it’s time to make a change.

(Watch my bra fit video for tips on getting the right fit in your very own home.)

2 Responses to “Signs You’re in the Wrong Bra”
  1. Lol, I love your bullets…I can totally relate to a few of them. 😀

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