Pick of the Week – Le Mystere Dos Nu II

Have you ever purchased a dress or top that makes you feel 100% amazing, only to realize that you have to make one of two horrible decisions if you’re going to wear it?

  1. Let your bra’s back band show
  2. Go braless

I’m a huge lover of open back dresses yet my breasts are not “perky” enough to go without the support of a bra.  I recently read a fantastic blog post from SkunkBoy addressing this very issue and I loved her creative solution for this big fashion problem.  The problem is I have zero sewing skills. I’m not sure I could even thread a needle.

So, I was super excited when I learned that one of my favorite brands, Le Mystere, was designing a bra that answers several current trend needs as well as the challenging open back issue.  After a few months of waiting, I’m happy to say it’s available!

The Dos Nu II convertible Bra is a dream fit and allows for endless styling options.  Listed below are a few of its amazing attributes:

  • Low back Le Mystere Dos Nu IILe Myestere Dos Nu IILow-back design
  • Straps that convert to crisscross, halter, or set wide
  • Deep plunge
  • Underwire support
  • Soft microfiber construction

Find your size here.

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