Post Surgical Solutions

Post surgical bras

When adjusting to a new breast shape, it’s important to fit with your eyes and not by the size. Knowing what to look for will empower you.  You’ll find that the perfect fit doesn’t exist in just one bra, but that an entire bra wardrobe exists for your every need.

Start by assessing your breasts. Take the time to really examine how they are shaped, where they set on your body, and where you are most sensitive.  Most likely each breast has its own unique shape and needs so take note of the details.  Make a list of what you want to accomplish with the right fit.  Comfort will surely be at the top of the list, but what else do YOU want?  It’s all possible if you relax and thoroughly assess your breasts.ery need.

Before trying different bras, it’s imperative that you follow your doctor’s orders regarding wearing a wirefree bra or choosing the structured support of an underwire. Once you have a recommendation and your own needs are identified, it’s time to fit!

The perfect fit should feel like a gentle hug. Your band should set low in the back, your cup should be fully contained, and the bridge of the bra should be flush against your sternum.

Below is a list of common needs and solutions to ensure a comfortable, confident fit.

Post-Surgical Recovery

Look for a front closure option that will allow you to fasten the bra with ease even if you experience limited movement.

Post-Surgical Incisions and Scar Tissue

Sometimes doctors recommend wearing an underwire if the breast has been augmented to prevent the breast from shifting while it heals.  In this case, look for an underwire that has a wide arch so it sits outside of the breast and scars, rather than a narrow U-shape wire.  If you prefer a wirefree option, make sure the seaming will not irritate tender areas.

Sensitive Skin

Opt for cotton or a bra with infused aloe that is proven to sooth sensitive skin. There are soft flexible lace options that ease sensitivity, too.

Excess Space
If the apex of your breast has been removed or altered, you may find space between your breast and the front of the cup.  This is very common after a mastectomy and easily avoided if you look for a shallow cup or one with flexible lace at the tip.

Excess Moisture

Hot flashes can randomly occur and, when they pass, you’re left damp and cold.  Keep breast moisture at bay with advanced wicking technology.  It works a lot better than stuffing your bra with Kleenex.

Close Set Breasts

Do you find that the bridge of your bra is always digging into your breast tissue?  This could mean you have close set breasts and need a bra that has a narrow set bridge (that little piece that connects the two cups).  Find a bridge that’s about the width of your thumb.

 Wide Set Breasts

 Opposite of close set breasts, you’ll find that about 2-3 fingers can fit between your breasts.  Look for a bridge that’s about two thumbs wide.

 Breast Forms

Just like you, not all breast forms are equal.  There are partial breast forms that can be used for symmetry, round shapes, tear-drop shapes, and even lightweight options.  They are all great options but, to avoid skin irritation, I suggest choosing one that is latex free.

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