A Supportive Brand

2013 U.K Star In A Bra

Curvy Kate is a U.K based company that offers beautiful lingerie for D-K cups. Their mission is to promote confidence, to make girls feel fabulous about their figures.  I recently spoke with Hannah Houston, Curvy Kate’s Marketing Manager, to learn more about their passion for getting women in the right bra.

“The right bra makes a difference in how you look, feel, stand, and your overall confidence,” says Houston. “We want to celebrate all women.”  She says their key message is “Curvy isn’t one size. It can mean you have a small back and a full bust, a full back and a small bust, or a combination.”

Curvy Kate started as a small brand and although it is now offered in over 34 countries, she says it still has a family feel. “Although most brands would normally be talking only to the retailers, from the beginning we felt it was important to talk with the consumers, understand their needs, and educate them on the proper fit.”

Their collection is always strong in fashion colors and feminine designs that are usually hard to find for a full cup but they’re aware of the need for basics, too.  “We want every day to be a Curvy Kate day, so it’s important that we have styles to support the everyday need,” says Houston.

When Curvy Kate launched 4 years ago it was a struggle to find models that personified their brand. So rather than fake it, they stayed real and began a model competition called “Star in a Bra.” Houston says they have never used a professional model, explaining, “We wanted someone that showed how the bras would look on someone that’s similar to our customer. It’s lovely because the models are really part of our brand.”

Star in a Bra was so popular Curvy Kate launched the same competition in Australia and the U.S last year. This year’s competition in the U.S opened up on September 3rd, 2013 and is accepting entries till October 3rd, 2013.  They are asking girls to send 5 photos and a short essay on why they should be the next Curvy Kate girl.  The winner will receive a year’s supply of lingerie including swimwear and a year’s modeling contract with Curvy Kate. Learn more about Star in a Bra North America here.

It’s rare to find a brand with such passion and dedication to its consumers. In speaking with Hannah Houston, I realized Curvy Kate offers support beyond the bra.

Ad for Star In a Bra Model Competition

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  1. I love the photo! confident, beautiful women!

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