CurveNY Expo

I left the CurveNY expo last week feeling excited, then inspired, and, finally, let down. There were so many beautiful pieces and I didn’t care how, I wanted them NOW!

The thought of waiting for Jenna Leigh’s Biscayne in Army made my palms sweat with anxiety. I just bought a new dress from GStar RAW that would match it perfectly. My yearning for new lingerie became impossible to bear when I walked past Aubade and saw Neiges Brulantes in Lady.  Oh what a dream I would be in the half cup version, matching tanga, and what!?? Matching pok-a-dot stockings to boot?

It was too much. I let out a half scream and realized I sounded slightly similar to Veruca Salt. In my head I could hear my mom scolding me, “Sissy!” she’d say, narrowing her eyes to form a creased brow, “You know the good Lord ain’t pleased with you when you covet material things! Now, go give thanks for what you do have.”

Well, mom was thousands of miles away but, I’m pretty certain the “good Lord” was at CurveNY  because, I was in heaven!  I decided to calm my lust for gorgeous lace, cashmere robes, bamboo knickers, and satin stalkings over a bottle of rose with my very dear friend Elizabeth Neal who happens to share the same passion for pretty underthings and wine.

Now that I’ve had a few days to cool off, I am pleased to share a few of the brands and styles that left a lasting impression on me. Soon, they too, will play a significant role in my personal quest of leaving a lasting impression for the “lucky one.”

Bia Boro

Jenna Leigh

Curvy Kate


Pretty Polly

2 Responses to “CurveNY Expo”
  1. Will you be at CurveNY again in Feb? Curvy Couture is launching a new COOL SMOOTHIES (shape wear) smoothing collection with fiber technology that literally cools. We would love you to check it out! Booth #434

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