Assume Nothing

I was recently having a private conversation in the powder room at work with a co-worker.  We assumed there was no one else in the bathroom as we freely chatted about an earlier encounter.  Well, one would think that all those years of faithfully watching Ally McBeal would’ve prevented me from ever making such a mistake but, just like in the show, there was someone in the stall quietly listening.  When it was made know that our conversation was unknowingly heard I admit, I felt a wee bit embarrassed.

Nothing hurtful was said about anyone but, the situation piqued my curiosity about all the other things we do each day that would embarrass us if someone were to witness it.

It’s very natural to spend most of our effort on what others see.  The way we act, speak, and blow our nose is different in public versus the privacy of our own home. This holds true when it comes to our fashion. We coordinate our clothes, socks, shoes, make-up and even nail polish.  Yet, when it comes to intimate apparel most women scrap their style assuming no one will notice. The number one request I get from women when it comes to their intimate apparel is for seamless nude bras and knickers.  It’s not attractive to look at but, the theory of a nude wardrobe is that it will be one less thing to think about when getting ready in the morning.

This is just not the case—people see our intimates all the time!  The simple act of sitting can often expose the fabric of our knickers.  Reaching for a pen can cause our strap to peek out, and leaning forward unveils more than just the color of your bra. Beyond the average flash of intimates, how many times have after work drinks led to much saucier activities?  It’s just plain silly to assume no one will notice because, your true self will always come out to say “Hello!”

Building an advanced lingerie wardrobe is the only way to prove your savvy style and spontaneous seductions go beyond the first layer.  Someone is always paying attention to you.  So, whether you’re speaking with someone in the powder room or simply getting dressed, do it with integrity and let your true self shine.


2 Responses to “Assume Nothing”
  1. what a brilliant tale! something so “risque” and at the same time laissez-faire about the revelation! I live for sexy undergarments bc if there is going to be an accidental display of my wares, then I want you to have something to think about when you walk away! and btw, thanks for linking a story of mine 🙂

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