Mean O’l Mondays

There is something dark about Mondays. Even when the sun is shining, there still seems to be a hovering grey cloud. My alarm clock goes off and I’m flooded with icy fear of what’s ahead. What mistakes will I make? Will I still be employed at the end of the week? Will my family be safe and healthy? Will I still be loved, will I be hurt, will I look like a fool? Am I capable of making a difference, of inspiring someone else? Will I be a better person on Friday?

This fear of the unknown and self doubt puts a choke hold on my throat, and the air in my apartment is unusually thin. Monday morning, for me, is the equivalent to that bully in school. It’s the bully that made me aware of my flaws, proved no hallway or classroom was safe from being heckled, and that around every corner is a new opportunity for creating another “Most Embarrassing Moment.”

As an adult with responsibility, the option of hibernating safely under the covers until Tuesday is not an option. So, what do I do? I start by placing one foot in front of the other 18 times until I reach the shower. In the shower I contemplate what my armor will be. Black is not an option! I stay in the shower until I have made a colorful decision. A colorful outfit needs colorful foundations. So, I open my lingerie drawer and find a set that makes me feel beautiful and confident that if Superman were in the room he would be pleased. I choose heels that make me slightly taller then before, lipstick to brighten my pouty face, and a theme song to focus on.

Some might find this a little superficial or call out the fact that I am faking it. The truth is that I am 100% faking it. If I didn’t fake it, then every Monday would be spent in bed leaving only to use the powder room. Instead of indulging my fears, I put on my best armor and go to war with that bully I call, Mean Ol’ Monday.

Find out what my armor is each Monday and share your choice of armor, too, by following me on Facebook and Twitter using #MeanOlMonday.

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