Can a Bra Fitting Really Change Your Life?

Many fit experts and specialty stores promise to change your life and many women schedule fittings in hopes that it can.  But is it possible? What can a bra really do for you?

I recently fit a woman that was struggling with her suggested fit.  Her issue was not with the cup or her lift but she was stuck on what she called “back-fat” and “underarm overhang.”  She agreed that being lifted felt better and even looked better with her clothes on, but she just did not like what she saw with her shirt off.  For her, the decision to wear a bra that let her “hang” was what made her most comfortable.  While I enjoyed helping her and was delighted she was happy with her decision, I don’t believe her fitting or her new bra was a life changing event.  I think it was a necessary purchase for her intimate apparel needs.

On the other hand, I fit a woman with a similar body shape that did believe her fitting was life changing.  She had been considering a reduction and dealt with a lot of back pain.  When I hooked her new bra size and directed her towards the mirror she burst in tears.  She loved the lift so much that the benefits of her new bra size changed her mind about the reduction.  She became bolder with her fashion choices and said she is constantly complemented about her “slimmer” look.

Even though both women had body issues, the second woman forgave her body and embraced what others may consider a flaw.  She may say that a bra fitting changed her life but, I believe her fitting with me was just a catalyst for her own self-discovery and acceptance.  I only opened the door. Once she accepted herself it didn’t matter what others thought and that realization truly is life changing.

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