A Bra Can Do Two Things — Lift You Up or Let You Hang

Women have been thought to wear corsets as early at 2000 BC. Even then some women must have felt a supported bust is better than a bouncing one.

Over the years I have fit thousands of beautiful women. Most of the time they come to me with desperate pleas for support. I learned early on that the right bra fit supports the body and mind. One particular woman I helped earlier in my career was a women preparing for a date. It was her first relationship since breaking it off with her boyfriend of 10 years. She was looking for a nude bra she could wear with everything. In the brief time I spent with her I learned that her previous relationship had caused serious self-image issues. She had been told her beautiful body was old and ugly; her coveted breast size was too small and saggy. The poor woman was scared to death to see herself naked, let alone go on a weekend getaway with her new beaux. A few weeks after the fitting and sending her off with encouraging tips, she sent me a note. She said the new bras gave her a new outlook on her body and for the first time she actually saw herself as beautiful and sexy.

There are many articles that warn against wearing bras with underwire and more recently, an article promoting the possible benefits of not wearing bras at all. I have to wonder what the world would look like without the physical and emotional support of bras. Just think for a moment how many women would avoid staying healthy because they did not have access to a sports bra that would limit their movement. Would clothes be designed different to accommodate perky breasts vs. saggy ones?

Most reports say that somewhere between 80-85% of all women are in the wrong bra size. I know this; wearing the wrong bra size can cause breast pain, infected milk ducts, permanent shoulder divots, bruising, back pain, and low self-esteem. Wearing no bra at all is a personal decision, like choosing to go commando. There will always be arguments on both sides but if you’re a women that chooses to wear a bra know this, the right fit will boost more than your bust.

What choice do you make?

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  3. […] A Bra Can Do Two Things – Lift You Up or Let You Hang (lovemsfit.wordpress.com) […]

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