For Full-Busted Beauties

You have a unique set of challenges when it comes to finding the right bra fit. Your small rib cage and full bust can make it hard to find a bra that not only defies gravity but is pretty too.

For most full-busted women, the mall can be a daunting place. You see a dress you can’t live without, but after trying it on you’re obligated to buy a size bigger than you need just because your breasts require it.

Now, I know it’s frowned upon to have favorites, but full-busted women are my favorite to fit. I think it’s because the difference a proper bra makes for you is mind-blowing! The reality is that the right bra really can change your world.

Most stores offer a limited amount of sizes. If you’re a blessed, full-busted woman, you have most likely been fit in a 36 to 38 D or DD – worse, your style options are limited to black or nude T-shirt bras. The desire for finding anything remotely sexy is an impossible dream. Online stores do offer the right selection but if you have never been properly fit, the sizes available will startle you.

Whether you’re “bra-ducated” or not, I promise the right fit is out there. The most important piece of advice I could give to you is to find your band size first. Take a measuring tape and measure around your rib cage just below your bust line on bare skin. Round up to the nearest whole number and stick to it.

Next you’re going to march your way up the alphabet. For each band size you decreased, you’re going to increase the letter. For example, if you were wearing a 36DD and measured yourself at a 32 then you’re would go up 2 letters to a DDDD (the equivalent to a EU F) since you went down two bands. That would mean your starting point would be a 32DDDD or 32F. I know if this is new to you, you really want to fight me right now and call me crazy, but what’s the harm in trying? I have been doing this for years and for that same amount of time you have been dealing with uncomfortable bras that shift, create “quadra-boob”, and leave you hanging. Just do it!

Let me just reiterate that this is your starting point. Try on the size and assess the situation. Does the bra feel too tight? Is the bridge of the bra flush against your sternum? Do you have spillage out of the sides or the top of the cup?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to tweak the size a bit. It could be because the brand runs small or large. Or it could be that you need to increase your cup a lot. Either way, this is when you know you’re getting close to the perfect fit.

Let’s say that the band feels super tight – so tight you can barely hook it – but the bridge is floating and your breast is lumping over the cup. Well, fight the urge to increase the band and increase the cup instead. If it’s still too tight, or if there is spillage, increase the cup again. I promise to you, that eventually the right cup size will find you.

One thing you should know about Full-busted bras is that many of them are made in the U.K. and that means the sizing may sound bizarre to you. Just feel the fear and try it anyway. With U.K. sizing, bras will go from a D-DD-E-F-FF-G-GG-H-HH-J-JJ-K. I don’t know why and I don’t question the madness. It just is. So if you are a full-busted beauty, get used to hearing these letters. You should also become acquainted with sexy, lacy, seamed bras, because they are not only available, but they are encouraged due to the amazing shape and lift they give.

So whether you are new at this or are fluent in bra sizing, I want to share with you my top 5 bras for you, you full-busted beauty!

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