Encapsulated Sports Bras Vs. Compression Sports Bras

Over 50% of women complain about breast pain during exercise. What many do not realize is that Cooper’s Ligaments can be strained without any sense of pain. Once the damage is done, it’s irreversible. Arm yourself with the correct sports bra and run smart.Anita

What’s the difference?

A traditional compression sports bra is fantastic for lounging around the house. Unfortunately it does not prevent the motion our breasts make when we exercise. When we run, our breasts create a figure-eight movement—they go up, down, in, out, and side to side. Our breasts move just as much during a slow jog as they do during a sprint.

Only encapsulated sports bras can help limit breast movement. An encapsulated sports bra works to protect each breast individually, as opposed to compression bras which treat two breasts as one. Because the encapsulated styles protect each breast separately, it is able to prevent the cross over movement that creates the figure 8. Encapsulation bras are offered in cups A through J and can actually prevent your movement up to 74%.

Size Does Not Matter

All cups beware: Breast pain and damaged ligaments are not linked to breast size. Freshpair has seen more small bust women with strained ligaments than full bust women. There is a huge misconception that just because small cups aren’t associated with noticeable movement, they aren’t susceptible to damage.

To ensure good breast health, schedule a bra fitting. After all, an encapsulated sports bra is just as important to preventing injury as stretching is.

Get smart. Get fit. And, always, happy running!

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