Best Bras For a Complete Bra Wardrobe -Ms. Fit’s 6 Essential Bras

There is not one bra in this world that will be the solution for all your needs.  Knowing the best bras to pair with different clothing options will ensure people notice your savvy style sense and not your bra… unless you want them too, of course.
In this video I share the best bras to wear for different occasions, including: a push-up bra, a 3-part cup, a strapless bra, racer-back bra, that beloved T-shirt bra, and the best sports bra for rigorous activity.
If you have ever been forced to change your clothes after realizing you don’t have the proper bra then watch, learn, and shop.  Your stylish inner being will thank you for it!


Ms. Fit Bra Video

6 Essential Bras

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